Our philosophy to dentistry is simple

We are on a mission to change the way everyone views dentistry. From the time spent discussing your options, to judgement free approach we use and the way we ensure you have an active participation in every aspect of your treatment with us, is on purpose.

Why? Because we’re wanting to humanise dentistry. Your experience of visiting the dentist matters. We want to make it as human, compassionate and refreshing as we can.

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Our promise

No Judgement

We make special effort to make this a judgement-free zone. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and we know that by coming to see us, you are making that important step of commitment to achieving the best teeth you can have.


One of the common factors for avoiding us is cost. It is why we make your first check up more achievable by not charging a gap for health fund patients or $85 for the rest. It allows us to do a plan that covers all options and allows us to deliver the best treatment for your budget.


We know that visiting the dentist can bring up certain feelings, and the common one is anxiety relating to previous dental treatment and/or pain. We take the time to acknowledge that these feelings are normal, but we work hard to hopefully create more positive experiences to reduce how often these feelings arise.


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Our patient focused dentistry provides overall well-being for the entire family.

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No Gap Exam and X-rays

The Dental Project is offering NO GAP on the first exam and x-rays for all patients who have extras cover with their health fund. Not with a health fund at all? That's okay, we will cap your first exam and x-rays visit at $85 (That's a saving of up to $90!) *Should your fund cover at least $85 you won't be out of pocket any further. Please click here to book your appointment today!

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Bulk Billed Children's Dental Care

In a bid to make dental treatment accessible to all children in Australia, the Federal Government has developed the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS). This provides $1000 worth of general dental treatment to eligible children over 2 consecutive calendar years. To see if your child is eligible or to find out more please click below and one of our Front Office Coordinators will be in touch.

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