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Dr Mel Purwo

Dr Mel Purwo


Mel grew up in New Zealand where she graduated from Otago University in 2000.

She was part of a private practice in Home Hill, in the Burdekin since 2001 prior to her move to the Redlands in 2005. Mel then decided that it was time to put together a team of like-minded professionals to share her style of dentistry.

Mel’s approach to her patients is honest, adaptable and caring, and clinically she strives to provide excellence in her patient care. She dedicates time to attend various courses to ensure her knowledge and skills are current and up to date. Mel provides all facets of dentistry and takes pleasure in seeing a positive change in the personal confidence of her patients.

During the past few of years, Mel further developed a personal interest in mouth-body connection and feels that a dental visit should be much more than having teeth polished, a tooth pulled, or getting a filling done. She is extremely passionate about her practice and her dental team and believes that a healthy body includes a healthy mouth that is supported by a healthy lifestyle. This belief translates into her practice philosophy which recognises the importance of preventive care by increasing awareness amongst her patients to achieve their dental health and well-being goals now and in the years ahead.

The not-so Serious Bits

Mel is an avid listener of JJJ and has a very eclectic taste in music generally. Mel enjoys spending her free time with her children Edward and Annie, and (probably surprisingly) loves to ice skate!

1. What did you want to be when you were younger?
I wanted to be an archeologist aka Indiana Jones

2. What is the weirdest thing you have eaten?
Jellyfish (Yuck)!)

3. What about your teenage self embarrasses you?
I thought New Kids on the Block were the coolest! Punk and goth were the best

4. How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?
Pineapple on pizza is a big fat no!

5. What is your favourite travel destination?
Byron Bay

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