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Front Office Coordinator

With 30 odd years’ experience as a dental assistant and around 24 as a mum – there is very good reason Kym is our go to person for all things work and life.

Kym recently made the switch out front for a rest after many years as Dr Mel’s right hand lady.

We here at TDP love Kym for her care, compassion, and commitment to us as a team and as individuals. We are very sure Kym’s husband, human children and (favourite) fur children wholeheartedly agree the world is better off because of her.

The not-so Serious Bits

1. What is your favourite travel destination?
Either to the bush (So much open space, just nature at its best) or beach (Where the sound of the waves rushing up to the sand….so relaxing)

2. What makes you happy?
Spending time with my family. Family means everything to me and when I get to spend time with my whole family it brings so much joy and happiness, which is not as easy now that my kids have grown up

3. What is the weirdest thing you have eaten?
Dried apricot with a meat pie….yep you probs guessed that I was pregnant, that’s the reason I found out I was pregnant with Amie as no one could possibly want to eat a meat pie with dried apricots, couldn’t think of anything worse now. The weirdest thing I have drank is when overseas I tried Scorpion Whisky, to me it was Whisky that had a Scorpion in the bottle

4. How do you feel about putting pineapple on Pizza?
Definitely YES, YES, YES

5. What is your favourite smell?
Nothing smells better than bread baking, I could never work in a bakery as I’d want to eat all, which is funny as I am not a big eater of bread but the smell of bread baking yummm

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