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Front Office Coordinator

We like to think that every practice has a Jan – but we just aren’t sure they are all that lucky. Jan is our resident fixer (but not in a British crime series kinda way). If there is an issue, Jan knows how to solve it. She also takes care of all our product purchasing, and (in her spare time) works as a front office coordinator.

Jan is also a baking extraordinaire – if the wares make it past her husband Dave and kids Ellie and Mitch – and all the way to us, we are delighted!

The not-so Serious Bits

1. What is your favourite movie?
Without a doubt it would have to be Top Gun

2. What is your favourite travel destination?
I have to say Canada even though I’ve only been once I loved it – If I were to go local it would be Fraser Island

3. What 3 words best describe you?
Protective, Honest, Loyal

4. What do you like about yourself?
That I am young at heart and love a good time. I try not to let age limit my life and try not to give in to my aging body

5. When was the moment in your life you laughed the hardest?
There are many but one thing that sticks in my mind was when my sister was having a seance in the backyard with some friends. My Dad was real joker and waited till they were really engrossed with the spirits. He donned a white sheet and snuck up the side of the house making ghost noises and then appeared to them and frightened the crap out of them.

I have a more recent funny occurrence and it was on our wedding day. Dave knew I would be an emotional wreck so planned a diversion. When I walked down the aisle and faced Dave he gave me a BIG smile. He had his whitening trays in and had blacked out one of his teeth. Lightened the mood immediately!

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