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Preventative Dentistry

We believe in prevention first.

They say "prevention is better than cure" and we totally agree! A trip to the dentist with no drilling, is the best one to have!

A lot of our treatments today are centred around protecting your gums and teeth from decay or infection.

  • 6 monthly visits are a great step in this direction!
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Prophy polishes, scale and cleans
  • Fissure seals for deep grooves on the teeth
  • Mouth rinses and tooth mousse products can help with extra protection

All of these steps are designed to keep your appointments with us short and sweet! Just how we all like our dental visits.

If we can protect your gums by recommending a brand of toothpaste that we might not even stock in our shelves, we will do that. It's not about us - it's about your oral health.

When checking your teeth, we're not just looking for cavities or holes. We are also looking for early warning signs that can be improved with simple mouth rinses or even a slight diet change.

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Here are some interesting tips to help improve your oral health:

Drink your soft drink in one sitting
The slogan "Sip all day, get decay!" is important here.
Soda can attack your teeth by combining with your saliva to create an acidic environment. This attack can last 20 minutes after your last sip. Each acidic attack weakens your tooth enamel, making you susceptible to decay.  Having one can of softdrink, with a 20min tooth attack is better than ongoing attacks all day, wouldn't you agree?

Enjoy having lemon water each morning?
That's no problem! Just remember to rinse your mouth with water, after your drink. The lemon is quite acidic. Acidic foods soften enamel, making it easier for it to be scrubbed away. If removed, your tooth surface will be unprotected.  To avoid wearing away this protective enamel of your teeth, rinse with water and try not to brush your teeth for 30min afterwards.

Flossing DOES matter!
Even flossing 2x a week is better than nothing. Your toothbrush can't get to all the surfaces of your teeth. Some micro food particles slip sneakily below your gum. If left alone, this food can harden and cause irritation to your gums. When your gums get angry, they flare up, and eat away bone around your teeth. Bone loss cannot be fixed.  When you floss, you get beneath the gum and remove those sneaky food particles to be washed away. Try to floss daily (but realistically, we understand that's a bit of a stretch!) so at least 2x a week is a great start.

Night or morning?
We'd love for you to brush at both those times of day! However, pick night time if you have to choose. Brushing your teeth before bed is the best way to stop those oats you had for breakfast from hiding on your teeth and eating away at them all night!

Ask us at your next 6 monthly checkup, for some more oral health tips. The more you know, the healthier your teeth and gums will be!

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