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Bruxism and Joint Problem

Tooth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism, may happen during waking hours but are most damaging and frequently occur during sleep. They can lead to many problems and our dentists can look at your bite and habits in order to assess the function of your jaw joints and muscles.

Problems that may occur include:

  • tooth sensitivity and pain
  • clicking or grating sounds in the jaw joints
  • headaches
  • facial, ear, eye, neck, shoulder or back pain
  • pain or tenderness in and around the jaw joints especially upon waking
  • worn tooth surfaces
  • broken or chipped teeth

These symptoms need careful evaluation and may be treated by a combination of therapies. Many people will gain much relief by using a bite guard, known as an occlusal splint, for night time wear. Sometimes physio or drug therapy and stress management are also required.

Repairing Damage to Teeth

Treatment may be necessary to repair damaged teeth. Dental fillings, crowns or onlays can replace damaged tooth surfaces. Root canal treatment may be required where tooth fractures extend into the pulp. In extreme cases, extraction of badly damaged teeth may be the only option.

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