Thoughts From The Therapist - Sugar


Sugar, sugar, sugar…it’s hard not to have, it tastes so good but why is it so bad for you?

If consumed in excess, sugar can cause many dental and general health problems such as obesity and type II diabetes.

In terms of decay in teeth the process is as follows:

Time + Plaque + Sugar + tooth = acid = decay

We need all four factors to exist at the same time in order for cavities to occur.

So to stop decay from occurring and getting fillings, which I am sure a majority of people hate, it is important to reduce the amount of sugar we consume. According to the Dieticians Association of Australia the recommended daily intake of sugar for an average adult is 90g, which equates to approximately 21 teaspoons.

Of course, this figure is based on an average adult diet.  Some people may need more or less based on their age, height, weight, gender and how much physical activity one does.   

Some tips on reducing the sugar attack!!

1)     Drink water after sugary foods to help wash it away

2)     Eat sugary snacks in one sitting instead of grazing on them all day – however it is best to try and have healthy snacks like popcorn, vege sticks and fruits.

3)     Drink soft drinks with meals, once again try not to sip on it all day as the sugar attack will be longer

4)     Reduce consumption of processed foods, soft drinks, fruit juices, candies and sweets, dried fruits and low-fat or diet foods which are usually very high in sugar

5)     Good oral hygiene is crucial – brush twice a day and floss once a day to prevent decay

Everything in moderation! =)


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