Humans of The Dental Project - Viet


It is time for our fearless leader, the original prankster and most humble human I've had the pleasure of knowing.

Dr Viet has been treating you all for over 5 years now at both our Wellington Point and Birkdale locations. If you've ever seen him you are fully aware of his ability to make your dental visit feel more like an ab work out from too much laughing. The relaxed atmosphere in his room and overall gentle approach is what patients value most.

What we value most about Dr Viet is the delicious treats he supplies for our birthdays as well as the many pictures and videos he has for us of his 2 beautiful children Cooper and Chloe. (You would have seen them appear on our page from time to time.) Cooper and Chloe, along with his lovely wife Vy are easily Dr Viets biggest blessings in life.

When I think about the list of things he loves after his beautiful family I've come up with the following:
• The Brisbane Broncos
• Food
• Correcting grammar (Please note I have re-read this 15 times looking for mistakes and feel sure I've still missed some)
• Pranking us
• A challenge (so far we have seen him compete in weight loss challenges and even the Raw challenge with very little preparation)
• Hugs

Bottom line is, we are a very lucky team to have such a genuine, considerate and all round legend at the helm, and we appreciate the opportunity to let him know how valued he really is.


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