Humans of The Dental Project - Michelle


With every family, there is always someone who tries to keep everyone happy and together no matter what the circumstances. In our family, that person is Michelle, our practice manager.

While she may not be seen by many patients these days, Michelle is working hard behind the scenes and the team appreciates the positive atmosphere she helps to create. It is amazing how she is able to deal with problems everyday with a smile on her face, but maybe that's why she's chosen to take up muay thai training after work recently. As long as she leaves her anger in the ring then everyone at work can breathe a little easier.

Unfortunately, her recent training has taken away from her love of netflix, but there's one thing she will always have time for; her beloved dog Frankie. This love isn't just reserved for Franks as Michelle is always on the lookout for any pooch, which is why she loves hearing dog stories from anyone, including strangers on pup Facebook groups.

If you do happen to see Michelle floating around, feel free to say 'Hi' and be sure to ask her about the many pranks she's been involved in as it will be sure to brighten your day. As although she looks after everyone, just like any family, she is not immune to a bit of fun between team members.


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