Humans Of The Dental Project - Carol


Carol is our resident academic/general genius/experimental baker. If you can't find her slaving away in our therapy room, she must be hiding in her lab at the University (or flitting around this beautiful country giving lectures).

There are few people you will encounter more enthusiastic about flossing and general oral hygiene than Carol. There's not a person in our practice that isn't hounded into submission for our regular cleans!

The only thing she loves more than clean teeth (and Huy) is food. Carol is single handedly responsible for our addiction to sweet treats and many restaurants around Brisbane and her home town digs of Melbourne. She is also single handedly responsible for all the half eaten food around the place. The half eaten ice cream in the freeze or the corner cut off your slice of cake clearly indicates Carol is in the house. (Please see picture below for proof)

So whether she is cleaning your teeth, researching like a mad woman or encouraging you to trial her latest round of fish head soup, it's done with a smile. It is a smile everyone at The Dental Project looks forward to seeing for a very long time to come.


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