Humans of The Dental Practice - Kym


HOTDP – Next up it's Dr Mel's right hand WO-man!

If you have ever been treated by Dr Mel, you've been looked after by Kym. You would remember this well, because she would have made you very comfortable, kept things very organised and made sure your visit flowed as smooth as can be.

Kym or 'Mumma K' as she is known to us has 3 wonderful children, 2 very cute dogs, 1 lovely husband and a partridge in a pear tree. If you think Kym is busy at work, she is just as busy at home. How she fits everything in (and still finds time to participate in her 6 week fitness challenges) we will never know.

Everybody at TDP definitely looks at Kym as the mum around of the practice, whether you're in need of advice, a listening ear (a lift to our Christmas party) or even a hug; we all know where to look.

I guess what we are trying to say is that if it wasn't for our Kym, there would be 2 dental practices, 22 staff, 3 children, 2 dogs, 1 husband and a partridge in a pear tree that would so very lost.


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