Behind the Scenes : The Sterilising Room
Everything that goes inside a patient's mouth or is used in treatment is disposed of or sterilised in an autoclave between patients. These are high pressure steam sterilisers that ensure all bacteria and viruses are killed. Anything that cannot be cleaned by these methods is cleaned with hospital grade detergents to neutralize all contaminants.

We also use instrument cassettes for certain procedures. These are stainless steel containers to pack and hold instruments in, making it much safer for staff to transfer equipment to the sterilising room. Once pre-cleaned in the ultrasonic and dried, the cassettes are bagged and transferred to the autoclave.

By implementing our computerised tracking system, our practices are ahead of the ADA's infection control guidelines. Our tracking system is paperless and requires a barcode scanner to import the steriliser batch tracking number from the bag label into the patient notes. This is now part of our routine patient management procedures.

As part of our commitment to you, we include ongoing testing and scheduled servicing of all equipment within the practices and continuous review of the protocols used. For your safety, and the safety of our staff, we have designed our practice to be efficient and clean, and hope to give you piece of mind when you come to visit.

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