Latest in Technology

Technology is developing rapidly in the dental field. Much of it is designed to make your experience more comfortable, and many of the new dental equipment that we have in the practice allow us to provide dental treatments faster, safer, more consistently and with a higher level of accuracy than was previously possible.

LED drills

Our drills are some of the most powerful on the market and use LED light technology to provide a clearer view when working in your mouth. This allows us to be more accurate and precise, helping to reduce the amount of tooth structure removed whilst drilling, and their higher power increases efficiency and reduces the time we need to drill.

Intra Oral Camera

Our intra-oral camera is a great diagnostic and educational tool. This imaging device allows our dentists to magnify any areas of interest inside your mouth and display them on a chair-side screen. Still images can be taken so you can see the results of your treatments as they are completed.

Low Dose, Digital X-rays

X-rays allow us to see details inside the teeth and gums and under filling and crowns which otherwise would not be visible to the naked eye. They are a critical part of the diagnostic process and without them, we are in the dark.  We have a high tech digital X-ray system to offer you the best treatment as well as being efficient and safe.  The advantages of digital x-rays are:

  • The dose delivered by digital X-rays is 10% of that required for film-based images
  • Images are stored digitally, so no deterioration takes place
  • X-rays images can be viewed almost instantly
  • Images are projected onto a large screen making it easier to see tiny details
  • No developing chemicals are needed - great for staff health and the environment

Happy Gas

Nitrous oxide is a form of inhalation sedation where you are still fully responsive during procedures. The great thing about Nitrous Oxide is that it quickly leaves the patients system, and most people are able to drive after experiencing this form of sedation dentistry.

Rotary Endodontic System

This technology enables computerised root canal therapy. The Rotary Endodontic System decreases treatment time by increases efficiency and predictability in your root canal success and increases patient comfort.

Amalgam Separators

By fitting the latest amalgam separating equipment to the surgery suction units, we help filter mercury from waste water before it reaches our sewerage systems. Installation of amalgam separators is not compulsory in Queensland, but we believe that this is a valuable way of protecting our waterways and minimising the environmental impact of our practices.

Computerised records

To reduce paper usage and printing and help care for our planet, we keep all invoices, patient records, notes and charting on our computerised system. This also translates to a more efficient referral system.

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